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For those who need a visa to enter Japan

Congratulations to all SCJ participants !!

【Visa Application】
Because of the procedure is on an individual basis so all application processes should be proceeded at your own risk.

1. Do you need to apply a visa to visit Japan? 
Some students do not need a visa if they stay in Japan for less than 90 days. On the other hand some students do need a visa to enter Japan. Please confirm whether you need to apply a visa to visit Japan or not, how to apply for a visa and what kind of documents you should submit to the embassy/ consulate
Please refer to the following website for more information regarding visa requirements:
2. Submit the application form  / Make a payment
【Due Date】Friday, April 10 (JST)   
    Visa Application Fee: ¥2,000

【I will pay the fee directly to SCJ office】1) Make a payment,  2)Submit the Form A and B by email.
【I will pay the fee through my home institution】1) Submit the Form B by email

3. Receive the documents from SCJ office
We will start sending out the documents froApril 15th. If you require a visa to enter Japan, we can issue the following documents. Please note that the preparation for the documents will take a week at least and the delivery time by EMS varies depending on the region. 

     ・Letter of Guarantee (身元(みもと)保証書(ほしょうしょ)) 
     ・Reason for Invitation (招(しょう)へい理由書(りゆうしょ))  
  ・Detailed Schedule in Japan (滞在(たいざい)予定表(よていひょう)) 
  ・Guarantor's certificates of employment (保証人(ほしょうにん)の在職(ざいしょく)証明書(しょうめいしょ))     
          *Guarantor =President of ICU 
  ・SCJ Catalog 
  ・Your acceptance letter

4. Apply for visa
After receiving the documents, follow the instructions from the embassy/ consulate.

【Important Notice】
On March 12th, Japan Post announced that acceptance of mail items destined to China will be temporarily suspended from March 13.
Because of this circumstance, we cannot send the documents to China.

注: ビザ申請に使用するICUからの書類が必要な方は、4月10日までに料金を払い、