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About SCJ

Summer Courses in Japanese (SCJ) at International Christian University (ICU) is an intensive six-week program. SCJ aims to provide a stimulating environment in which university/college students may increase their understanding of the Japanese language and culture.

In the classroom as well as in their daily life, students will have opportunities to improve their language skills and to develop confidence in intercultural communication. This program offers a direct encounter with Japan, its language and people.

The summer course consists of 15 class periods per week. (one class period = 70 min.)  Classes are held in the mornings. In addition, afternoons are used for individual tutorial sessions and Culture Program events.

In content, method, and rigor, the SCJ courses are equivalent ICU regular term courses, worth five units of academic credit. Classes are kept as small as possible. A balance of all the language skills - listening, speaking, reading and writing - is taught at each level. Beyond language instruction, an effort is made to introduce aspects of traditional and modern Japanese society. At ICU, we believe that language acquisition and cultural understanding go hand in hand.

The program is demanding; students are expected to study on their own outside of class hours for at least four to five hours per day in order to review and prepare. However, for committed students it can be a program that yields lasting rewards. Students who are interested in learning the Japanese language and encountering Japanese culture are invited to apply for this program. Activities such as part-time work and extracurricular travel are not recommended while participants are studying on the program.

Qualifications for Admission
SCJ applicants should be 18 years old or above and currently enrolled as degree-seeking students in, or have graduated from a college or university as of the beginning of the courses, and have an academic interest in Japan. Senior high school students cannot apply for the Summer Courses in the year of their graduation.Students who are accepted to enter ICU from September 2019 may apply.

Summer Courses in Japanese (SCJ office) 
International Christian University
3-10-2 Osawa, Mitaka, Tokyo 181-8585, JAPAN
T:+81-(0)422-33-3501  F:+81-(0)422-33-3631