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Culture Program

The aim of the culture program is to provide a diverse set of cultural contexts from which participating students can develop their understanding of the language, culture and people of Japan. The culture program includes both on-campus and off-campus activities, for example tea ceremony, zen meditation and the National Kabuki Theater. All culture program activities are scheduled in the afternoon. For some events there is an additional charge.

The Culture Program (CP) 2017 schedule has not yet been finalized. For your reference, listed below are some of the events and activities from 2016.

Culture Program 2016

- Ghibli Museum Tour ブリ美術館
- Japanese Sandal Zōri Making  ぞうり
- Kabuki  歌舞伎
- Zen Temple Visit and Meditation 坐禅
- Tea Ceremony  茶道
- Japanese Traditional Dance  日本舞踊

 NOTE: Due to limits on group sizes, participation in the culture program is run on a lottery system. 
 Participation in all selected activities is NOT guaranteed.