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Housing / On-Campus Dormitory

**For 2020 SCJ, we have decided to accept applicants ONLY from our partner universities OR those who are admitted to ICU starting September 2020 in order to avoid possible confusion caused by the Tokyo Summer Olympics. Information about 2021 SCJ will be available around December, 2020.**

ON-CAMPUS DORMITORY (¥80,000) 大学の寮
ICU’s on-campus dormitory is a three story shared-living co-educational dormitory consisting of common living and dining areas and separate living pods, each with twin rooms. As Japanese students leave ICU during the summer, the summer residents are mainly SCJ participants, but there are native speaker ICU student helpers in the dorm. Please note that information on this website is subject to change without notice.
Applicants who are interested in the on-campus dormitory should carefully read a website page of "ZELKOVA HOUSE" information before you decide your accommodation.