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ICU Campus

International Christian University is located in Mitaka City, a suburban community adjacent to Tokyo.The campus is a wooded area of 638,000 m2, one of the most spacious in Japan.

Major buildings include the Library; the University Hall (Honkan); the Education and Research Building, which houses faculty offices; the Diffendorfer Memorial Hall; the student center;  the University Chapel; the Dining Hall (Dialogue House); and student dormitories.

At the dining hall, a mix of Japanese, Western and Chinese foods are offered at reasonable prices (¥400-700). Please note that the variety of food may be limited. The Dining Hall offers lunch every day, and dinner service until 7 p.m. on weekdays but does NOT offer breakfast service. On Saturdays, Sundays and National holidays, there is NO Dinner service. Meat, often pork, is used in many of the dishes here though there is some vegetarian menu. The Dining Hall is the only facility on campus serving meals and its operating hours are subject to change.

Students should be aware that all university offices and facilities, except those directly related to the Summer Course, are closed for a two-week summer vacation during late July to early August. The Summer Course Office makes every effort to see that students are not unduly hampered by these closures.

Since 2011, the number of international flights in and out of Haneda airport has been increasing rapidly. If it is possible to get a direct flight to Haneda, we highly recommend it. As Haneda is more conveniently located, it takes less time to travel to ICU. You will arrive fresh and ready for the intensive Japanese courses. Additionally, the airport is very new and easy to use.