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Application for 2018 SCJ

Thank you for your interest in the 2018 Summer Courses in Japanese (SCJ)

Before beginning the application process, please take time to read our catalog carefully, so as to determine whether or not the courses we offer match your own needs and goals. We aim to offer places for approximately 100 students. Please note that our courses are extremely demanding and academic in orientation. Students who plan to work part-time or travel during the summer should consider a less intensive course. Applicants should make every effort to ensure their application and supporting documents (including Application and Screening Fees) reach the appropriate offices as listed in the catalog before the stated deadline. Good luck to you as you make your future academic plans. We hope that these include Japan and the International Christian University.

*Applicants should be 18 years old or older and currently enrolled as degree-seeking students in or have graduated from a college or university. Senior high school students cannot apply for the Summer Courses in the year of their graduation.


The online application has been closed on 28 February, 2018.
All dates and time refer to JST (Japan Standard Time).

Step 1.
Register your information and upload your Statement of Purpose* on this page.
*Statement of Purpose: Explain in 250 words or less why you wish to study Japanese, how this study relates to your future academic interests or career goals and why it is crucial at this point in your study to attend the ICU Summer Courses in Japanese.

You will receive a reply e-mail when your web-application is accepted. 
Now you may proceed to Step 2 below.
If you do not receive the reply e-mail, please contact SCJ office via email. (scj@icu.ac.jp)

Step 2. 
 Submit all the following documents to SCJ office by post until February 28, 2018 (JST).
    - Official Academic Transcript of university courses completed. (ORIGINALS ONLY)
    - Letter of Recommendation (letterform.pdf)
       It should be written by someone from your university/college who can verify your suitability and motivation for enrolling in this
       language program. Letters from family members/relatives cannot be accepted. The envelope must be signed and sealed.
    - Application and Screening Fees Payment Form and payment receipt (Paymentform.pdf)
      Fill out the  "Application and Screening Fees Payment Form" and attach a print/copy of the payment webpage or photocopy of your bank transfer remittance receipt.
    - While medical certification is not required at the time of application, any applicants with conditions that might require special considerations in order to undertake intensive academic work should include this information on a separate sheet of paper.                

SCJ Address;
Office of the Summer Courses in Japanese
International Christian University
3-10-2 Osawa
Mitaka-shi, Tokyo 181-8585

 Application and Screening Fees (non-refundable) : 10,000 JPY
 Application and Screening Fees are payable by credit card on online payment site→ Online Payment Click Here!! 
 Personal checks and travelers checks will NOT be accepted.
 Please refer to how-to-pay or the second page of Paymentform.pdf for details.


Screening for applications will be held after the application deadline (February 28, 2018). Students will receive an e-mail by the end of March to notify them of their application status. Additionally, notification will also be sent by regular post together with other supplementary materials. For students who require time to get a visa, please inform us in advance.