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Pictures from 2015 Summer Courses in Japanese

posted Oct 31, 2016, 8:03 PM by InfoAdmin ITCenter   [ updated Nov 7, 2016, 4:50 PM by p002586a@icu.ac.jp ]
In 2015, 107 students from 14 countries were enrolled in the program of Summer Courses in Japanese (July 6th - Aug 14th). This intensive six-week course provides classes for both non-native and native (heritage) speakers of Japanese, where students can increase their understanding of Japanese language and culture. The course consists of 15 class periods per week (1 class period=70 min), offering a selection of cultural activities such as Ikebana (flower arrangement), Tea ceremony, Zen meditation, Kabuki theater, Zori (Japanese fabric sandal) making and Japanese traditional dance, etc. for students to take part in. During the course, students stay in on-campus dormitory or homestay accomodation to improve their Japanese and develop an understanding of Japanese culture.

In the end of the six-week Japanese language and culture course, students commented the following: “My Japanese has improved a lot, but I want to learn more to speak well.”, ” I participated in Zen meditation program. It was a very spiritual time and the most memorable program in Japan.”, “The time I spent with the Japanese host family is my best memory. Every dinner was delicious and I always looked forward to go back. My host father and mother were both very kind and gave me many chances to practice conversation in Japanese. I think my ability of Japanese has improved.”, “Japanese language is beautiful, using three types of writing systems: hiragana, katakana and kanji. I’ve been interested in Japanese as it is a beautiful language, but trying to remember three different groups of characters was really hard. Kanji was especially difficult and also the way keigo, the polite language is used.”.

 2015年度の夏期日本語教育は7月6日~8月14日の6週間開催され、世界14カ国から107名の学生が参加しました。本コースは、日本語を母語としない外国人、また日本人帰国生向けの日本語と日本文化を学ぶ講座です。受講者は、週15コマ(1コマ70分)の 日本語集中教育のほか、いけばな、茶道、寺院にて坐禅体験、歌舞伎鑑賞等、さまざまな文化プログラムを体験します。さらに期間中は、キャンパス内での寮生活やホームステイをしながら、日本語能力の向上と日本文化への理解を深めます。6週間にわたり日本語、日本文化を学んだ学生たちは、「日本語がだいぶ話せる ようになったけど、まだまだ。もっと勉強してうまくなりたい」、「文化プログラムで坐禅を体験しました。とてもスピリチュアルな時間で、一番印象に残った時間です」、「ホームステイ先で、日本の家族とともに過ごしたことが何よりの思い出です。毎日の夕食がおいしくて、いつもステイ先に帰るのが楽しみでした。ホストファザー、マザーも非常に良い人で、たくさん会話してくれたおかげで、日本語が上達したと思います」、「ひらがな、カタカナ、漢字と3種類を使い分ける日本語は、とても美しい言語だと思います。美しい言語なので日本語に興味をもったのですが、3種類の文字を覚えるのはやはり大変でした。特に漢字、そして敬語の使い方も非常に難しかったです。」などと、感想を語っていました。

【Photo at farewell party】

【Performance at farewell party】

“SAKURA”  Koto (Japanese harp) + traditional Japanese dance & “Aogebatotoshi ” chorus
【Culture program: Shodo (calligraphy)】

【Culture program: Zen meditation at Kannon-in Temple (Musashisakai)】