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Housing / Off-Campus

Off-Campus options include local homestay, or making your own arrangements to suit personal preferences.

*Please be aware that you have to arrange Off-Campus Housing by yourself in advance of your arrival to Japan.

Please note that you will need to cover transportation costs (approx. 20,000 JPY to 30,000 JPY) and some commutes may take up to 60 minutes each way in rush hour trains. It is possible to purchase a regular commuter pass which will be better value than simply buying tickets every day. These are available for purchase at train station ticket machines or at the JR Midori Ticket Offices.

Living with a Japanese family will enable you to experience Japanese culture, daily life and also to practice your Japanese language.
The Homestay program is administered by the company “Homestay in Japan”. Successful applicants will need to apply for homestay via the homepage below.
       Homestay in Japan: SCJ Homestay
          Arrangement fee: ¥5,400      Homestay fee: ¥3,348 per night
          The final total price will vary due to differing transportation costs and the total number of days spent with the host family.

If you are interested in a local homestay, please consider the information below when deciding on this option.
       Homestay advice/Tutorials  http://athome.nealrc.org/

Dormitory Type Share House “Social Residence Higashi Koganei”
OAKHOUSE Co.,LTD. provides share houses in Tokyo.
       Contract fee: ¥30,000(ICU discount)
       Rent: ¥52,000~¥56,000/ month (depending on roomtype)
       Utility fee ¥15,000/month (which covers electricity, gas, water and free WiFi)

- Private room is furnished with Bed/Desk&Chair/ Wardrobe/Refrigerator/Air conditioner.
- 20 min. by bike to ICU, and House manager stays at the house to help you out.
- Shared facilities are Kitchen (with microwave, stove top, and utencils etc.), Lounge with
Cable TV, Shower & Toilets, public bath and bicycle parking etc.
- Further information can be found at : https://www.oakhouse.jp/eng/house/673

Contact details for inquires and applications, please apply via the following URL:
*Discounts may NOT be available if one fail to apply via the above URL.
  Any inquiries, please contact ICU Service Co.,LTD// e-mail : info@icu-service.com

OWN ARRANGEMENT (Please find a room near ICU such as Mitaka, or the Musashino area)
We recommend you to find a room near either Musashi-sakai station, Mitaka-Station or Kichijoji-station, which will help your commute to ICU easier.